Luna Seasonless

Luna, the goddess of the moon; originally we wanted to create a collection that was principally gender neutral. This itself was a challenge for us, since we have been a women centred clothing brand for years. The idea has been a part of our development plans for a while, and we kept working towards it. After years of development, here we are with a collection that offers a gender-neutral pieces and still, it is named after a goddess.We named the collection Luna, not to emphasize a feminine collection or to title it with a gender, but specifically to define You as the creator of your own universe, no matter our gender, nationality, and the titles that you were are born with. You are the one that determines who you are and who you are going to be in this life we live in.Each piece is centered around you and you only. Wear what makes you feel proud, feel comfort, inner peace, self love and appreciation. Forever.