Did we forget that nimble fingers make beautiful carpets? When do we appreciate an intricate interwoven cotton shirt? Can perfection have personality?

geLim is the Farsi art of weaving; something slowly being forgotten in all but influence - although it is in the DNA of every pattern and piece we wear.

Cotton, Satin, Silk; their consistent quality often overlooked, expected. In times gone by people would gasp in delight at their faultless lines, their sterile seems.

geLim reminds us of a time of human hands. Where a part of the weaver is present in each pattern and the time they spent weaving is relived again and again with each wear.

geLim accentuates the qualities of each, lest we forget.

We need to remember our past; the skills of yesterday. Appreciate and protect crafts that built the foundations of fashion today. geLim is contextually evocative as it sits traditional carpets on top of modern manufactured fabrics, one justifying the other and reminding the wearer of each fabrics contrasting beauty.

Behind the airbrush and the makeup, its the freckles and dimples that make the model. It is the imperfections of the human hand, the rolling of the thread, the wear and the tear of the weave that makes it real, that makes it human. That give it personality.